World Gin Awards 2021

World Gin Awards 2021

1. Hernö Dry Gin 500ml

Category: London Dry Gin


Shy on the nose at first, but then come hints of citrus, rosehip, hay, a little honey, and coriander. The palate brings warm spices, sweet liquorice, juniper and orange marmalade. Citrus notes in the finish. A delicate, well-balanced and refined gin.



2. Darnley's Spiced Gin 700ml

Darnleys Spiced Gin  Bronze  London Dry Gin
"Juniper, oriental spices and orange blossom on the nose. On the palate there are notes of orange citrus, green herbs, and a hot pepperiness. The finish brings hints of sweet liquorice. Overall well rounded.
3. City Of London Old Tom Gin 700ml
         Silver  Old Tom Gin
"Juniper, citrus, and pine on the nose. The palate is classic and clean, with juniper, some sweetness, and a good balance of flavours. Lemon wax and bitterness are also present.
5. Rock Rose Navy Strength Gin
Rock Rose Navy Strength GinCountry Winner
"Good peppery complexity here, with orris and angelica root coming through on the palate. It’s hot and spicy but with a nice smooth alcohol element. There are some sweet notes, and some juniper and spice that opens up with some water.
6. Four Pillars Olive Branch Gin
World's Best Signature Botanical

World's Best Signature Botanical

"This has an interesting aroma, with juniper, a little lemon and some green notes. The olive leaf character is much more pronounced on the palate; it is oily and pleasant and brings a touch of umami flavour. Very satisfying."


7. Never Never Southern Strength Gin


Never Never Southern Strength Gin 50cl Country Winner


"Resinous juniper and pine in the front, with some citrus just behind. With added water it opens up and more juniper appears on the palate. Citrusy, piney, with an everlasting finish.

8.  Lawrenny Van Diemen's Gin
Contemporary Style Gin, Silver, 2021
Lawrenny Van Diemen'sSilver
"Heavy savoury nose with tomato and some kind of succulent leaves, plus dusty spic. The palate is dark, but hefty and quite evolving, with spices and fruit.

Hernö Gin

Juniper Cask

"A very fresh nose with orange citrus, juniper, and hints of rosemary and cloves. Dry and herbal on the palate, with lots of juniper and citrus. Well balanced sweetness and hints of aniseed in the finish.
Country Winner
Matured Gin
Hernö Gin Distillery
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