Arran Master of Distilling Vol.2, 12 Year Palo Cortado

51.8% | 70cl | Islands

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51.8% | 70cl

A 12 year-old Single Malt bottled in honour of Arran Master Distiller James MacTaggart.

This characterful limited edition of the Arran Single Malt has been specially created by Master Distiller James MacTaggart as a stunning example of a successful partnership between whisky and cask. James has featured a selection of some very rare and valuable Palo Cortado Sherry Casks from Jerez in this bottling, casks which he chose by hand himself in the company of the producer.

Cider apples accentuate the Arran house style before the warmth of ginger returns alongside a rich impression of exceptional sherry casks.

These casks add a delightful and warming dimension to another memorable and classic expression of Arran Single Malt. A truly unique partnership between a high quality independent producer in Spain and a quality independent producer in Scotland.

Only 12,000 bottles of this edition available worldwide.

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