Environmental Policy

At Whiskery, we believe that sustainability is an essential part of our business model, and we are committed to minising our impact on the environment. We recognise that our operations have an environmental impact, particularly in terms of carbon emissions and packaging waste. As such, we have implemented policies and initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and promote the reuse of materials in our packaging.

Carbon Footprint Reduction Policy:

  • We encourage our employees to adopt sustainable practices by promoting telecommuting, cycling, carpooling to work, and other green initiatives.
  • We will prioritise suppliers and partners who share our commitment to sustainability, including those who offer eco-friendly products and services.

Packaging Waste Reduction Policy:

  • We reuse packaging material whenever possible, so if you're wondering why you've received your order with different packing material each time, that was intentional.
  • We will work with our suppliers to source materials that are environmentally sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable.

Whiskery is committed to reducing our environmental impact through sustainable daily practices that reduce our carbon footprint and minimise packaging waste.