Scotch Highball Set

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Perfect for leisurely sipping on a balmy summer night, the Highball is enjoying a revival  all around the world.

This set has everything you need to make your own Whisky Highball at home. It includes:

  • 1 bottle x anCnoc 12 Year Old 70cl
  • 4 bottles x Fever Tree Soda water 200ml
  • 1 x Whole fresh lemon

    How to Make a Highball:

    Step 1 - Fill a tall highball glass with ice.
    Step 2 - Pour in about 60ml of ancnoc 12 single malt whisky.
    Step 3 - Fill the rest of the glass with soda.
    Step 4 - Rim the glass with lemon zest and add in a twist of lemon as garnish.
    Step 5 - Enjoy!

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