Deanston Ltd Ed 12 Year Old 2006 Fino Finish

Deanston 12 Year Old 2006 Fino Finish

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‚ñ™ Distilled & filled into bourbon casks on 8th of December 2006 for 9.5 years
‚ñ™ Transferred into Fino sherry casks on 11th March 2016.
‚ñ™ Limited bottling of 1608 Est
‚ñ™ A 12 Year Old, cask strength Single Malt
‚ñ™ First time Fino sherry casks has been used for Deanston.
‚ñ™ An award-winning, authentic, and eco-conscious single malt.
‚ñ™ Deanston is innovative and takes risks to produce unique single malts

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