Pothecary Gin 500ml

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In the Pothecary Gin mix is the Provencal lavender, which brings savoury notes, Anatolian mulberries, which have a sweet, jammy taste and tilia flowers, wild-foraged in Poland, which lend a honey tone. Juniper and lemon are the only other listed botanicals, the former from Bulgaria and the latter from Sicily.

The initial burst of soothing lavender aroma gives way to refreshing citrus, supported by Juniper, leading to a hint of Black Mulberry sweetness in tandem with the black tea and honey scent from the Tilia flowers.

Tasting Notes

Botanicals: Organic Lavender,  Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Tilia Flowers, Organic Juniper, and Organic Black Mulberries

Nose: Thyme honey and lavender. Soft orange, with a touch of white chocolate

Palate: Spicy juniper at the fore, followed by raspberries and plenty of floral freshness

Finish: Mouth watering citrus, sherbet, and more juicy raspberry

Recommended mixer: Light / Indian Tonic Water

Garnish: Lemon, orange, pink grapefruit wedge/peel and fresh rosemary/fresh thyme

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