Santamania Madrid Gin

Santamania Madrid Gin


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41.0% | 70cl

In SANTAMANIA Madrid Dry Gin, the grapes come into contact with the flavours and aromas of the finest botanicals, chosen grain by grain by expert master distiller Victor Fraile.

Victor has travelled all over Spain in search of the best botanicals, and this why the brand uses top quality Spanish citrus fruits and the tastiest raspberries from the Jerte valley. 

Botanicals: 14 Spanish botanicals Fresh lemon peel Fresh orange peel Liquorice root Pistachio nuts Raspberries Cinnamon White Pepper Dry ginger Juniper Coriander seed Cardamom Angelica root Orris root

Tasting Notes ​

Nose: Spice panettone, lemon honey tea and lemon meringue pie

Palate: A faint initial sweetness from the liquorice, with the light touch of grape. Sophisticated, smooth, fresh , and unctuous, with the floral and citrus notes and a fine long flavour.

Finish: The mouth feel is luscious and creamy, with the peppery spice and waxy lime hints appearing on the mouth watering finish.


Recommended mixer: Indian/Skinny Tonic Water

Garnish: Lemon or Lime wedge/Fresh Raspberry/ Red grapes

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