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Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets 500ml

Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets 500ml

50cl | 45.0%
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45.0% | 50cl


During the Prohibition Era, speakeasy establishments circumvented the strict liquor laws by selling tickets to see a blind tiger in the back room, and throwing in a complimentary gin cocktail. Deluxe Distillery celebrates the creativity of yesteryear with this contemporary, raw, unique, and handcrafted Blind Tiger Gin.

Distilled in small batches in the back room of a concealed distillery in the Western part of Belgium, unusual botanicals such as malted barley and cubeb pepper are used to give Blind Tiger Gin its daring and invigorating character.

The highly balanced and surprisingly smooth Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets opens with a complex nose of matured grain spirit, juniper, and spice from grains of paradise and bitter almond.


On the palate, higher notes of citrus, coriander and lemon grass bleed through, backed up by a warming flow of both the imperial black tea and the 45% alcohol grain spirit which lingers on in the aftertaste. 

Aroma and palate are interspersed by floral notes from the tea which play a prominent role in the grand finale. 

Botanicals: Juniper, coriander seeds, grains of paradise, angelica root, iris root, lemon peel, bitter almond, lemon grass, china Yunnan mature tea, imperial puerh, himalaya secret of cashmere black tea, assam black tea, harmutty.

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