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Cambridge Anty Gin

Cambridge Anty Gin

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A collaboration with pioneers in Nordic cuisine to reinvent the gin experience for those bold enough to try something truly unique.

The red wood ant (Formica rufa) is a rich source of formic acid, and has a surprisingly tangy, citrus taste which perfectly complements wild botanicals including wood avens, nettle and alexanders seeds.

Each botanical is distilled individually to preserve its purity, then blended with the essence of sixty-two wood ants. The result is a ground-breaking gin brimming with sweet, woody spice and tingly lemongrass.


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inspired by the meadows surrounding Cambridge, William and Lucy Lowe created these gins using botanicals grown in and around their home, capturing the taste of the english seasons.

Cambridge Distillery was founded on the principle that no two botanicals are identical and as such, they need to be treated individually. To achieve this, they developed a unique novo-dimensional distillation matrix in which temperature, timing and pressure are just three of the nine variables that they use to tailor the treatment of each botanical. This means they can distill the freshest and most delicate botanicals and achieve a level of precision vastly beyond that of traditional distillation.

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