Caorunn Gin

Caorunn Gin

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Caorunn is a Modern London Dry Gin with a dry and crisp, aromatic taste adventure and a long dry finish.

Caorunn is handcrafted, small batch distilled Scottish Gin, infused with 6 traditional and 5 Celtic botanicals, using pure grain spirit and Scottish water.  The 5 traditional Celtic botanicals are Heather, Bog Myrtle, Rowan Berry (Caorunn is the Celtic name for Rowan Berry), Dandelion and Coul Blush Apple.

Serve Caorunn Gin in a tall glass over ice, with tonic water and a slice of freshly cut apple.

Fresh, floral, citrus, slightly spicy and aromatic.

Clean, crisp, sweet, full bodied and aromatic.

Invigorating, long lasting, refreshing, crisp and slightly drying.

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