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Damrak Gin

Damrak Gin

70cl | 41.8%
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41.8% | 70cl

The main distillate comes from the best quality Curaçao orange peels. The distillate of these peels highlights the citrusy character of Damrak Gin. Valencia oranges give Damrak Gin its sweet and distinctive aroma, while lemons provide the freshness. In every gin, there are juniper berries. Even though we deliberately added little less juniper berries, it is still clearly noticeable in taste and aroma. Adding some herbs and spices like cinnamon, lavender, coriander seeds and star anise results in the DAM unique flavor of Damrak Gin.

Recommended Serve

Just adding some tonic to Damrak Gin, served with ice and 1 or 2 orange slices. But Damrak Gin is also very suitable for  gin cocktails such as a Negroni or Collins.

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