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Douglas Laing Rock Island 10 Year Old Blended Malt

Douglas Laing Rock Island 10 Year Old Blended Malt

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An extraordinary encapsulation of the very best Single Malts distilled on the glorious islands of Islay, Arran, Jura and Orkney (amongst others), Rock Island is a subtle, smoky and sweet celebration of the sea. Part of the Remarkable Regional Malts range, the ultimate distillation of Scotland’s Malt Whisky Regions.

Step onto any of Scotland’s Whisky islands and you’ll be struck by the apparent calm offered by island life…Delve a little deeper, and your heart will soar with the excitement and character of the distilleries that call these islands home. Rock Island encapsulates the best Single Malts distilled on these remarkable isles, rich with flavours of the surrounding seas.

Tasting Notes

Maritime, Salty and slightly smoky


Wave soaked rocks and a salty oceanic fresh influence.


Subtle, carrying soft and rather sweet peat paralleled with smoke, honey, damp ash, liquorice and late pepper.


All of what went before is neatly replicated in the moreish finish.

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