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Hernö Old Tom Gin 500ml

Hernö Old Tom Gin 500ml

50cl | 43.0%
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43.0% | 50 cl

Hernö Old Tom Gin is made from the same distilled gin as Hernö Gin, but with an extra amount of Meadowsweet added in the distillation and after diluting it down to 43% we add a touch of sugar. The sweetening lifts the floral notes, releases an array of juniper and makes the gin even smoother.


NOSE: Hernö Old Tom Gin is full-bodied with bright, juicy, juniper and floral notes.
PALATE: Super-smooth texture with a light sweetness and botanical notes. An array of juniper, green and crispy, followed by notes of pine flowers.
FINISH: A floral sweetness combined with long-lasting juniper characterizes Hernö Old Tom Gin.

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