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Hernö Pink BTL Gin 500ml

Hernö Pink BTL Gin 500ml

50cl | 42.0%
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42.0% | 50 cl

Hernö Pink BTL Gin is an organic London Dry Gin, no additives such as colour, artificial aromas or sugar.

This is NOT Pink Gin, it is a pink bottled gin, get that right! Gin shouldn’t be coloured as a marketing gimmick.

Hernö Pink BTL Gin is a fruity and floral gin yet juniper predominant. Distilled with a total of eight organic botanicals including juniper, strawberries and rose petals. Bottled at 42%.

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Loads of juniper upfront, crisp green forest. Fresh citrus and red fruits, a bit spicy.

PALATE: Floral start followed by an array of sappy juniper, red fruits and coriander. A citrus forward gin with underlying spice and cassia.

FINISH: Strawberries linger together with juniper and spicy notes, a mellow warmth and long finish.


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Hernö Gin is the world’s leading and most awarded craft gin producer.

Hernö started the first gin distillery in Sweden back in 2011. Hernö Gin crafts the world’s most awarded gins from natural organic botanicals in the hand hammered copper stills Kierstin and Marit. With a mindset of crafting, transparency in all parts of the process and total focus on quality, Hernö Gin has set out to bring premium gin culture to every home.

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