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Kizakura Kyoto Yamadanishiki Ale Bottle 12x330ml

Kizakura Kyoto Yamadanishiki Ale Bottle 12x330ml

33cl | 5.0%
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Kyoto Yamadanishiki Ale, as its namesake may suggest, is a light bodied ale with all the expertly balanced flavors and aromas of the famous sake rice "Yamadanishiki." It is brewed by combining malt, hops and 100% Yamadanishiki Rice.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Mild floral sake aroma 

Flavor: Creamy yet light taste

One of the first craft beer brewers in Japan is Kizakura Co, a Kyoto-based brewery that's one of Japan's top sake producers. Kizakura started making beer back in 1995, using the same clear, pure water they've been using to make their sake.

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