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Lawrenny Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 500ml

Lawrenny Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 500ml

50cl | 25.0%
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Lawrenny sources the best coffee beans from around the world, then extracts the full flavours using the purist Tasmanian waters that run through the Estate. A blend of local bush and meadow honey is incorporated into the rich cold brew, producing a unique coffee liqueur. Toasted wattle seed and vanilla beans accompany the nutmeg, cinnamon and cocoa, to deliver a honeyed mocha with deep yet balanced sweetness all supported by a delicious cold brew coffee backbone. Enjoy over ice, chilled in a shot or mixed into your favourite cocktail.

Tasting Notes

  • Profile: Honeyed mocha, velvety, subtle spices
  • Key Botanicals: Cold brew coffee, blend of local bush and meadow honey, vanilla bean, toasted wattleseed, nutmeg, cinnamon, cocoa



    About Lawrenny Estate Distilling Co:

    Little more than an hour’s drive north-west of Hobart, in the Derwent Valley, lies one of the most beautifully set distilleries in Australia - at Lawrenny Estate. Lawrenny Estate dates back to the early eighteen hundreds and its history is as rich as its fertile Derwent Valley paddocks and the pristine adjoining waters of the River Derwent. It was established by one of the most colourful characters in the history of Van Diemen’s Land – the colonial cattle tycoon Lieutenant Edward Lord. At the time comprising approximately 80,000 acres, Lawrenny Estate became renowned for farming premium cattle and sheep stocks as well as Hops. In 1991, the Mace Family took over the once majestic estate. Since purchasing Lawrenny, they have returned the property to its former glory of luscious gardens, fertile pastures and breading Black Angus beef cattle that are among the finest in the world.

    Today, Lawrenny Estate is all about delivering the finest quality, premium Tasmanian produce. The recent diversification and development of the Distillery has seen the establishment of Australia’s only ‘paddock to bottle’ Estate Whisky operations, where the barley is grown, malted and distilled at Lawrenny utilizing the pure waters of the upper River Derwent that flows past the distillery. Once the decision to construct a distillery on the Estate was made, the production of a world class unique Gin evolved. A large element of any spirit is water, and Lawrenny has abundant supplies of some of the freshest and purist waters running 100 metres past the distillery door. The established orchards and gardens of the Estate guided the choice of botanicals used within the initial Gin range as well as providing inspiration for a selection of special releases that will evolve over the coming years.

    Uniquely Tasmanian

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