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Ledaig Sinclair Series Rioja Cask

Ledaig Sinclair Series Rioja Cask

70cl | 46.3% | Single Malt Scotch
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This first expression from the Sinclair Series sees the smoky Ledaig signature expression finished  in hand selected Rioja casks in honour of the Spanish treasure buried deep off our shoreline.

Made with heavily peated barley, then matured in ex-bourbon casks, and finished in hand-selected Spanish Rioja casks for about 2 years by the harbour in the coastal village of Tobermory on Mull, this single malt contains powerful flavours of smoke, spice, grape and sweet berries, with a lingering saltiness.

It is rich & full bodied, with a sea salty finish.

Tobermory  is famously known for its bright and colourful houses ,  and the vibrant packaging of this single malt, is a reflection of this. Inspired also by the deep red colour of the single malt whisky itself, which has been slowly maturing in hand-selected Rioja casks.

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Tasting Notes

Colour:  Ruby red

Nose:  Notes of Turkish delight and rose petals balanced with candied fruits and grapes followed by rich leather and a beautiful   peppery spice. A hint of chocolate comes through at the back.

Palate:   Creamy mouthfeel packed full of almonds, barley and sweet malt with notes of peppery Ledaig,
which give way to black   raspberries, sweet vanilla and cocoa interspersed with cinnamon spice and hints of freshly cut grass.

Finish:   Lingering smoky finish with red fruit and sea spray.

Single Malt Scotch

Islands, Scotland

Ledaig: A unique Scotch whisky brand hailing from the Isle of Mull, celebrated for its heavily peated single malts, offering a bold and distinctive smoky character, appealing to adventurous whisky enthusiasts seeking a robust and captivating taste experience.

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