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Never Never Southern Strength Gin 50cl

Never Never Southern Strength Gin 50cl

50cl | 52.0%
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52.0% | 50cl

Our Southern Strength Gin is a botanical blast of classic flavour with a luxurious mouthfeel.

This savoury overproof expression of the Triple Juniper style is achieved by elevating the angelica root, coriander seed and lemon character.

Developed through meticulous bartender and consumer feedback.

Medium level of clouding occurs when mixed due to elevated botanical oils.


Nose: Fragrant pine mingling with bright citrus and earthy angelica. Coriander seed elevates the citrus character.

Palate: Oily, viscous and immediately savoury. Juniper still dominates, however is complimented with earthy notes of angelica root and coriander seed.

Finish: Rich and robust, with pepper berry spice and cinnamon warmth developing late.


World's Best Classic Gin ‚ World Gin Awards 2019
Double Gold ‚ Singapore World Spirits Competition 2019
Gold ‚ San Francisco World Spirits Awards 2019
Best Gin in Show Trophy‚ Australian Gin Awards 2019
Best Classic Gin Trophy, Australian Gin Awards 2019

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