Peddler’s Shanghai Craft Gin

Peddler’s Shanghai Craft Gin

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Born on the back streets of Shanghai, the hustle and bustle charm of the world’s biggest trading port was the perfect inspiration for a more adventurous gin.

Awarded the DMBA China Bartender Brand of the Year, Peddlers offers a distinctive yet perfectly balanced recipe, made with ingredients from the West and the Far East.

This award-winning product is the result of a five-year journey focused solely on creating a gin for the most discerning and adventurous drinkers.

Awarded bronze at the San Fran World Spirits Awards, and Gold at the CWSA, the Shanghai Craft Gin is a fusion of eleven rare botanicals. Notes of Buddha’s hand, Sichuan pepper and lotus flower combine with juniper and other organic botanicals for a distinctive yet perfectly blended gin.

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