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Portobello Road Old Tom Gin

Portobello Road Old Tom Gin

70cl | 47.4% | Old Tom Gin
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This Old Tom Gin pays homage to what gin would've been before its transformation took place.

It takes a pot-distilled grain spirit and redistilled it with juniper, coriander seed and liquorice root, before adding a little sugar and then ageing in a very old sherry barrel.

It perfectly balances the punch of the juniper with the lingering sweetness of the barrel ageing process.

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Tasting Notes

The highball really extolls the virtues of this Old Tom as it allows the botanicals to shine through and highlights the pleasant effects the barrel ageing has on the spirit. Topped with a zesty garnish of lemon twist, where spritzing the peel's oils on the drink before placing it in, really binds the drink together.


  • Portobello Road Old Tom Gin
  • Soda water
  • Large lemon twist

How To: 

1. Using the largest and clearest ice cube(s) possible, fill a highball glass with ice and then pour in your Old Tom.

2. Gently pour your soda water down the inside of the glass to preserve the effervescence and then stir.

3. Spritz the drink with a twist of lemon to release the delightful zesty oils and then place your lemon twist in the highball.

Old Tom Gin

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