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Portobello Road Savoury Gin

Portobello Road Savoury Gin

70cl | 42.0%
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Savoury Gin started life as a Distillery product, served exclusively at the distillery on 186 Portobello Road. It started out as a gin called King Theodore of Corsica, an experiment which was once again inspired by delving into the history of gin-drinking in London.

Inspired by the botanicals of Corsica and the surrounding Mediterranean area. Joining the classic set of botanicals that is used for the Portobello Road London Dry Gin, they also add, bergamot, rosemary, basil and green olive, and like with the Navy Gin they added just a tiny pinch of sea salt after distillation to give it that slight hint of coastal air.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Lots of juniper lots of citrus, but it is those delightful herbal notes from the basil and particularly the rosemary.

Taste: hits bright and vibrant, again with a nice dry finish, perhaps a little less spicy in flavour than some of the other gins but still with that lingering nutmeg heat, and like with the navy strength that tint hit of salt leaves you wanting more and the green olive gives us a lingering sense of dryness.

It transports you to the heady sunny days of summer and holidays to the Med. Great with food too, if you don’t feel like opening a bottle of wine.

Perfect Serve: Pair with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary.

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