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Von Haller's Gin 50cl

Von Haller's Gin 50cl

50cl | 44.0% | London Dry Gin
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44.0% | 50cl

Created in Germany. Crafted in Ireland.

An extraordinary gin - aromatic, distinctive, pure. Named after Albrecht von Haller, a famous physiologist and naturalist of the German enlightenment who founded the Old Botanical Garden of Göttingen University in 1736 from whence the botanicals used for this gin come from!

Halleria lucida, German ginger, lemon verbana are handpicked in this German botanical garden, where over 12.000 species grow, and transported to The Shed Distillery in Drumshanbo, Ireland where this German/Irish gin is created.

The ginger greets you first, pungent and fresh, it sets the tone for a sharp parade of perfumes in which zesty citrus peel marches just behind. On the palate, it coats the tongue gently and its 44% ABV warms but doesn’t burn. It’s spicy and with a high intensity of aromas, ideal to match with a delicate tonic as it has plenty to offer on its own. You could even replace the Tonic for sparkling water and a wedge of orange.

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London Dry Gin

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